Whitetail Woodlands, Inc. properties have produced high quality Whitetail Deer bucks for over thirty years. During this time, our family and the hunters who have leased our property for Whitetail Deer Hunting in Wisconsin have had the opportunity to observe and harvest animals they are proud to display on the walls of their homes.

In 2018 Whitetail Woodlands’ deer hunters saw the efforts of the Ashland County whitetail deer management committee.  For the past four (4) years, Ashland County had a “bucks only” gun deer season and the deer herd has rebounded with some nice bucks.One guest saw a 130 class buck in late fall while our hunters harvested nice 6 and 8 pointers.  Others passed on smaller bucks believing another year would produce a beautiful wall hanger!

A couple of milder winters, no anterless tags and a lower wolf population have all helped to increase the number of does which are dropping twin fawns and they still bring in the big boys during the rut.

Some hunters harvest does to manage the Whitetail Deer herd, but we have always believed that just like in life "the girls bring in the boys" and your does bring in the bucks. As a result, we attempt to bring in and keep our does, but rarely harvest them. We want our does comfortable on our Whitetail Deer Hunting properties.

Weekend Turkey Hunt                                  $110/Day/Hunter

Five (5) Day Turkey Hunt                              $500/person 

Seven (7) Day Turkey Hunt                           $650/person

*These rates include lodging.

Turkey Hunting Rates

In the early 1980's, we were some of the last hunters in the area to start Whitetail Deer Baiting. We realized that when everyone else is baiting, you have to bait to see Whitetail Deer. However, we felt it was and is wrong to make a Whitetail Deer herd totally reliant on bait for a couple of months and then abruptly stop after the Whitetail Deer Hunting gun season. As a result, when the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) attempted to completely stop baiting, we worked with our Wisconsin state legislators to come up with the current two gallon limit which we use. This allows the Whitetail Deer herd to move from bait station to bait station, but never get enough bait to become dependent on it for survival. This bait limit requires the Whitetail Deer to still have to forage which helps them survive the harsh winters when hunters stop baiting. 

We start baiting in early May and continue throughout that entire month. We feel this helps our bucks with antler development and our does during the time they are having fawns. We start baiting early with various baits because at this time of the year, the natural food sources are very scarce. We bait on a consistent schedule every day and at a time of the day when most other hunters do not bait. When our hunters are using our property, we provide them with sufficient bait to place the legal limit at their bait stations when they arrive at their Whitetail Deer Hunting stands. Baiting is not part of our basic Whitetail Deer Hunting Packages and is not required for our hunters, but is recommended and can be purchased at an additional charge per bait station.

Turkey Hunting

Whitetail Deer Baiting

Whitetail Deer Guide

Whitetail Deer Hunting in Wisconsin

Deer Hunting Package

A few years ago, the Wisconsin DNR introduced Turkeys to our neck of the woods and, honestly, we were a bit skeptical as to whether they would be able to survive the Northern Wisconsin elements and predators.

In 2012, we noticed a significant amount of Turkey activity around our Whitetail Deer and Black Bear baits. It was not uncommon to see Turkeys on almost a daily basis as we conducted our baiting activities.

Our bear hunters have been amazed to see Turkeys and, at times, two beautiful toms on the lawn of our cabin. They like to be the first to hit the bait we put out for our Whitetail Deer close by the cabin.

We have been pleasantly surprised at how fast the Turkey population has grown, especially on and around our cabin property. Despite the long harsh winter of 2012-2013, the Turkeys have survived and seem to be thriving.

As a result of our thriving Turkey population, Whitetail Woodlands is now offering a Wisconsin Turkey Hunting Package at the same price as our Ruffed Grouse Hunting package

Please join us for an enjoyable Turkey Hunting experience

Whitetail Woodlands

After Whitetail Deer Hunting for over 45 years with some very nice wall hangers, all taken on Whitetail Woodlands property in Northern Wisconsin, I know how to assist hunters in all phases of preparation for their hunt plus put them in the right place to harvest quality bucks.

Turkey Hunting


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Whitetail Deer Hunting Rates

Our complete Whitetail Deer Hunting Packages includes the following:

•Complete use of our private, posted property to harvest two year old and older bucks.
•A fully furnished cabin.

•A storage shed to keep your clothes away from "human and cooking smells."
•Comfortable tree stands if requested, but there is an additional charge.
•Multiple "active" baits to help you be successful if requested, but there is an additional charge.
•Recommending local processor and taxidermist if requested.
•Our proven "special" clothes packing technique for better success***.
•Limited guide service.

The hunters who lease our cabin/property come and go as they please. However, they are responsible for keeping the cabin clean and taking out the garbage. We only ask that they notify us each time they leave so we can remove garbage, change bedding/linens and restock necessary supplies.

Whitetail Deer Hunting Packages may include Scouting Trip (paid in three payments).

We develop individual packages for hunters based upon length of hunt,  acreage selected, use of baiting and stand or ground blind usage.

Costs for:
Lodging $40.00/hunter /night
Hunting with or without Lodging $85.00/hunter/day

Add as many bait stations as permitted for only $150/ Bait Station
Use as many tree stands as you would like for only $175/ Tree Stand