We include, as a part of our Black Bear Hunting Package price, a two (2) day "scouting trip" in early July. The "scouting trip" allows our hunters to see our entire operation. They stay at our cabin, see pictures of Black Bear at each bait site, get familiar with and choose two (2) tree stands for their Black Bear Hunting in Wisconsin plus assist us for two (2) days with our baiting so they can see how the  Black Bear hit our baits.

Our complete Black Bear Hunting Package includes the following:

•The two (2) day scouting trip in early July.
•A seven (7) night, six (6) day hunt.
•A fully furnished cabin.
•Pictures from your stands in August just before you hunt.
•Comfortable tree stands.
•Guide service that includes taking you to your stand each day and getting you from your stand each night at the end of shooting hours.
•Assistance with tracking and retrieval of your bear.
•Multiple "active" baits to help you be successful.
•Recommending local processor and taxidermist if requested.
•Our simple, solid techniques to help you judge the size of your bear.***
•Our equipment list and "tips" sheet to assist with your success.***
•Our proven "special" techniques to help you be successful.***
***These items will be explained in detail during your scouting trip.

We encourage Black Bear hunters to bring one additional person (at no additional charge) with them on the scouting trip and for their hunt.

We work on a first come, first serve basis and always accept early deposits which are held in escrow and returned if the hunter does not get a harvest permit.

Black Bear Hunting Rates

Here at Whitetail Woodlands our goal is to provide every hunter with a safe, enjoyable, and successful Black Bear Hunting experience. To accomplish this goal of ours, we have a licensed guide who is able to take a limited number of hunters Black Bear Hunting per year to allow us to spend the necessary time with each hunter so they may feel comfortable with all aspects of their hunt.

Our black bear continue to provide hunters with quality hunts.  Our management practices of only taking two (2) hunters per year have really worked.  In 2018 we had four (4) hunters.  Three (3) had success on day one or two and the last hunter saw two big bear, but didn’t have enough light to shoot with his bow.  

 Our sows bring in boars during the mating season and their cubs  grow and stay in the area.  We continue to see sows with four cubs which demonstrates the high quality of our baiting program. 

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Black Bear Hunting Package

Black Bear Hunting in Wisconsin

I find all aspects of harvesting the “black ghost” exciting and challenging. I have personally been Black Bear Hunting in Canada and Wisconsin. Some may feel we use some unconventional Black Bear Guide methods, but it is not uncommon for our hunters to see multiple Black Bear before making the choice to harvest their own trophy. We have had over a 90% success rate since we started working with Black Bear hunters in the late 1990’s.

Black Bear Baiting

Our Black Bear Baiting is an integral part of the success of our Wisconsin Black Bear Hunting. We start baiting on Memorial Day weekend and bait up to the legal limit every three days until the 4th of July. From July 4th until five weeks before the season opens, we bait every two days. The five weeks before the season opens through our last Black Bear hunter, we bait daily. To maintain consistency, we bait each day at the same time for our Black Bear and vary our bait products to insure our Black Bear do not get bored eating the same thing.

Black Bear Guide

Whitetail Woodlands


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Total Scouting/Hunting Package                                $2,400/Hunter
(Paid in three payments)