Whitetail Woodlands​ is not a large, commercialized, non-personal provider of hunting services where you show up, are left to fend for yourself, spend a lot of non-hunting time and are pretty much on your own. While Hunting at Whitetail Woodlands​, your success is our ONLY goal!  We believe when you are successful, then we are successful. Whitetail Woodlands has and always will provide “personalized” hunting services to all hunters at a cost that is lower than others in the area. We keep our number of hunters low allowing us to spend the necessary time with each hunter to make them as personally successful as possible.

We have a Wisconsin licensed guide with over 45 years of hunting and people experience. We believe that if you want to be a professional, then you have to act like a professional. Our guide
 knows not every hunter is the same and has worked with many from inexperienced to seasoned veterans. Our guide takes the time to know each hunter along with their strengths and weaknesses and then attempts to put them in situations to maximize their strengths. Based upon your preference, we provide “limited” or “complete” guide services. We feel a person who pays for a hunt should have a safe and enjoyable time. While we are serious about your hunt, we should still have fun during it.

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Whitetail Woodlands

Whitetail Woodlands located outside Glidden, Wisconsin is where you can enjoy a variety of activities. We take pride in having low rates, high guest reviews and extremely high hunter success! We believe everyone works hard for their money. As a result, we do our absolute best to provide high quality hunts and nice, clean vacation get-aways for everyone. We aim to please whether you are Whitetail Deer Hunting, Black Bear Hunting, Ruffed Grouse Hunting, Turkey Hunting, or looking for a private Cabin Rental in Wisconsin for a secluded vacation get-away. To enjoy privacy without the hustle of city life or a quiet way to relax from a hectic schedule, come to Whitetail Woodlands.

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Whitetail Woodlands

Hunting at Whitetail Woodlands